Our Retail Products

These incredibly creamy, delicious Welsh butters use only the finest Welsh cream from the pastures of West Wales where the air is clean and the grass is green.

This Welsh cream is then taken to our Caerphilly dairy to be churned and traditionally hand salted. These butters are bursting with flavour!

We only use natural ingredients for all of our products, with no harmful ingredients and no additives, colourings or preservatives.

Our Welsh Spreadable butter is blended with rapeseed oil and hand salted to produce the most delicious spreadable butter which is perfect for spreading straight from the fridge!

All of our products combine rich slightly salted butter tones with creamy back notes to deliver a well-balanced combination of flavours we know you’ll love. If you’re after traditional Welsh butter our butter is the perfect butter for you. Enjoy these on hot toast, fluffy baked potatoes, delicious crumpets and anything you can spread butter on!